This is my little project I have done on my Surface RT. Surface RT is based on an ARM processor, so to be able to use RainMeter, I needed to use a memory hack [link] that bypasses Microsoft's kernel restrictions that force you to only use Signed applications, thus jailbreaking the system. The memory hack tricks Windows into thinking Unsigned applications are OK. After the hack is applied, any applications that have been recompiled for ARM, or any pure .NET 4.x applications can run on the system. There is an interesting list of applications (found at the same link as the hack) that people have recompiled for ARM, including Rainmeter.

Note: the jailbreak has to be redone each time the system is run since it is (and can only be) a memory hack. The person who created the batch file was kind enough to allow the batch file to create a scheduled task that runs at startup, making the re-hack a bit more convenient.

Note: Rainmeter is not installed, just unzipped. Meaning auto-start functionality is not readily available, nor is the detection of .rmskin files for auto-install.

This theme's images come from stills I took from the K-Pop MV "Rose", by Lee Hi. Five of the stills made it as actual backgrounds that Windows rotates through, and the the full collection is used for the Gallery slideshow showing in the StickyPic style.

Encoded [link]

  • Black Transparent bars (style does not include a way to have multiple bars of the same color; had to duplicate the .ini files in the "Background" section and made Vertical and Horizontal folders so I could have two of each direction.)
  • Time, Red Divider, Date, Recycler
  • Squares for system information

Fade [link] > The only thing I ended up using out of this was the "RSS - Left" because the SimpleMeter RSS was acting funky (not sure if it's an issue with not being able to properly install .rmskin files or not). I had to do some major customizing to get three of them and to make it fit my theme and the real estate available.


SimpleMeter v2.0 [link] > Only wanted the WiFi indicator out of this since Encoded doesn't have one.

StickyPic v1.0 [link]